Nepal Tourist Visa

Visa related enquiry:

It is requested to make all visa related enquiries at 051-2610317-19 in between 9:30am to 12:30pm on weekdays. Alternatively, you may wish to drop an email to

Visa Hours:

Applicants for Nepal tourist visa can apply by visiting the Embassy in person with all required documents during visa hours from 09:30 to 12:30 hours on weekdays.

 Processing Time:

Normally it takes three working days for the processing once Embassy receives duly filled-up application form (download in pdf and word format) with required documents. Applicant may collect their passport during consular hours from 09:30 to 12:30 hours and from 14:00 to 16:00 hours.

Relevant Information:

  1. Tourist visas are of following duration:
    1. 15 Days multiple entries (applicable visa fees PKR 4,500/-)

    2. 30 Days multiple entries (applicable visa fees PKR 7,500/-)

    3. 90 Days multiple entries (applicable visa fees PKR 18,750/-)

  2. Visas, once issued, will remain valid for a period of Six months from the date of issue.
  3. Tourist visas, once issued, will not be amended or revalidated. Visa fees, therefore, once paid will not be refunded. Visas issued will have to be used within a visa year (i.e. January- December of the same year).
  4. Applicable visa fees should be paid in cash. Personal cheque and credit cards are not accepted.
  5. Tourist visa will be issued on gratis basis for up to 30 days for their first visit in a given visa year for the holders’ of Pakistan Passport.
  6. Accompanied children below 10 years of age obtain visa free of charge
  7. The Embassy is located at House No. 6, Gomal Road, E 7, Islamabad.
  8. Please DO NOT send visa application form and original passport by post or courier.
  9. Please visit the website of Department of Immigration for more information.

Required documents for national Passport holders:

    1. Duly filled-up visa application form with two copies of passport size photographs
    2. Original Passport with at least 6-months’ validity
    3. A copy of CNIC (national ID)
    4. A copy of the passport
    5. Hotel booking confirmation.
    6. Return air ticket
    7. If you are a business person, letter from your firm/company/no objection letter
    8. If you are invited to a seminar/workshop/meeting/conference, a copy of invitation letter
    9. If you are invited by friend, family or a sponsor, letter of invitation with all details of the sponsor (full name, address, contact details (email and mobile number) and a copy of passport or citizenship certificate of the sponsor), and the statement that the sponsor will bear all the cost of the visit
    10. Except in the cases of the sponsorship (official or personal), the applicant has to submit bank statement showing transactions of past six months

Diplomatic and Official Visa 

Required documents for Diplomatic or Official Passport holders:

  1. duly filled-up visa application form (download in pdf and word format ) with two copies of passport size photographs
  2. original Passport with at least 6-months’ validity
  3. a copy of the passport
  4. Note Verbale from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the concerned Diplomatic Mission in Islamabad
  5. Applicants may wish to submit visa application form in person or through authorised person/agency. However, an authorisation letter issued by the applicant concerned is mandatory along with a copy of the Identity Card of the authorised person to collect original passport from the Embassy.