Products Banned for Exports 


Archaeological: Coins of archaeological value; Idols of gods and goddesses, palm leaf inscription (Tad Patra), plant leaf inscription (Bhojpatra); Scroll (Thanka paintings) of historical importance

Wildlife: Wild animals and parts; Musk; Snakeskin; lizard skin

Drugs: Marijuana, opium, hashish (as defined in the Single Convention on Narcotics, 1961)
Explosive: Materials used in the production of arms and ammunition

Raw Materials: Raw hides and skin (including dry salted); Raw wool; All imported raw materials, parts and capital goods

Others: Mamira; Log and timber

Products under Quantitative Restrictions 

Products as notified by the Government in the Nepal Gazette from time to time.

Products Allowed for Free Exports
All products are free for export other than banned ones and which are under quantitative restrictions.


1. The Ministry of Commerce will decide from time to time the goods to be included under the category of quantitative restrictions and volume of their exports.

2. The Ministry of Commerce will interpret as to which of the products listed above will be permitted to export.