Demand Letter Attestaion

All  foreign employers who plan to employ Nepali nationals are advised to start the process through the licensed agencies registered under the Department of Labour and Employment Promotion of the Government of Nepal. The list of the agencies can be accessed here:

These agencies can directly contact and negotiate with the overseas employers for recruiting manpower from Nepal. The agencies and the Department as well as the Embassy can be contacted for salary and other terms and conditions. The demand letter attestation process generally follows the following three simple steps and takes at least 10 working days:

Step One

  1. Demands are generated and for this purpose foreign employers contact Nepali agencies.
  2. Then, the following documents are prepared in consultation between the foreign employeers and licensed agencies (both can contact the Department and the Embassy for more details, if required).
    1. Demand Letter (mentions job category, number, minimum salary, working hours, overtime, food, accomodation, insurance, air ticket, local transportation, visa and other details)
    2. Power of Attorney: document that empowers Nepali agency
    3. Gurantee Letter: Gurantee letter addressed to the Director General, Department of Foreign Employment, Nepal stating all legal aspects of the recruitment
    4. Agency/Service Agreement: This document is the legal basis for recruitment and supply of manpower from Nepal.
    5. Employment Contract: a sample contract to be concluded later between the employer and employee
  3. The documents are attested by chambers/authorities where the employer is registered and then by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (optionally by the Embassy of the country in Islamabad). If you want to reconfirm the documents before attestation, you can also email the documents to the Embassy before attestation (to save time, energy and money too). In such cases, the Embassy replies within two work days, suggesting you to make necessary changes before proceeding further with attestation process.

Please click here or write to, if you need samples of the above documents.

Step Two

  1. The above five documents are emailed to  (this should be done by the authorized representative of the company and/or the supplier company in Nepal)
  2. The Embassy verifies the documents with the embassy concerned in Islamabad (if the documents were not verified by the Embassy concerned as per Point No. 3 in Step One). This can take fwe days to weeks and the Embassy advises for Step Three below by sending an email (attaching few documents).

Step Three

  1. The originals are taken by the company/agency owner/manager or representative to the Embassy for attestation, together with a copies of license, renewal pages, citizenship certificate, passport and arrival stamp in Pakistan. The Embassy then uploads the attested documents to FEIMS. This final step takes at least a day.

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