The following countries concurrently accredited to this Embassy are opened by the Government of Nepal for foreign employment:

a) Pakistan

b) Afghanistan ( only for Diplomatic Missions and the UN Agencies)

c) Iran

d) Turkey

Therefore those companies operating in the above countries can produce their demand related documents to the Embassy for the attestation. Such demanded human resource can only be employed in those countries and cannot be sent to any country other than the country for which demand is made. The following documents should be submitted to the Embassy for attestation.

1. Demand Letter (with full information on number and gender of workers, basic salary, working hours and days, food, accommodation, transportation, medical insurance, workmen’s compensation insurance (compensation for injury and death), joining and return ticket, cost of visa and other benefits) – click here for sample

2. Power of Attorney (authorizing a Nepalese Manpower Agency to recruit and supply workers by the employing company. The Power of Attorney must have license numbers of both the Nepalese and receiving company) —- click here for sample

3. Two-Party Agreement (agreement between Nepalese Manpower Agency and employing Company or its authorized Agent. —- click here for sample

4. Guarantee Letter (an undertaking conforming that the worker(s)will not be asked to work in the company other than the specified one and will not be sent out of the receiving country and also the assurances of safety and security of female workers. —- click here for sample

5. Employment Contract between the employer in the receiving country and Nepalese worker(s). For each category of job there must be separate contract.

Sample employment Contract must contains basic salary and information about other benefits such as food, accommodation, medical insurance, workmen’s compensation, insurance, working days and hours, transportation, etc. —- click here for sample

Once the above documents are ready the employing company can send to the Embassy to check if they are in the specified format before proceeding for attestation from the concerned Foreign Ministry.

The documents, thus prepared, in specified format, should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the receiving country.

For attestation from the Embassy, original copies of the above 5 documents and copies of the following documents should be submitted:

Request Letter to the Embassy in the specified format (Original Copy) – click here for sample

I) Company’s License  –

II) Company’s Profile (receiving company) –

III) A copy of the License issued to the Nepalese Manpower Agency by the Department of Foreign Employment, Government of Nepal

Attestation Charge (Revenue): Pakistani Rs. 4400.00 per documents i.e. Pakistani Rs. 22000.00 for one set of documents (5 copies)